Wha's Like Us?

The Toast Tae The Club – 1988

As performed in the style of Burns
at the Fearnan Centre 30th January,
by the bard in person – Jim Neill
Fearnan Outdoor Centre Loch Tay
Weel noo, I’m no a lad o’flatterin’ways
Nor do I freely deal oot praise.
But, while my opportunities are few
Credit I gi’e – whaur credit is due.
An’ tonight some the opportunity occurs,
Tae recommend some honest sirs.
A’ able men ….. An’ clever men
A’ guid men. ….. A’ gentlemen.

A wee bit thocht, some meditation,
Let’s use a bit imagination!
Assumin’ that the thing could float,
Pretend this hall’s a sailin’ boat.
An’ we’re a’ sailin’ oan this ship,
Tho’ no oan ony fykeless trip.
Oor voyage, lads, has been weel planned
We sail beneath the guidin’ hand
O’ Glasgow’s Moray Club.

Scattered aroun’ me, strapped an’ fu
The members, led by Captain Drew,
Sit prood!
They ken the joy o’ satisfaction.
They ken there’s nothin’ still awantin’.
A bite, a drink, Drew's sangs, ma verse….
There’s nothin’ mair.
Guid honest fair an’ barley bree,
The very best o’ company!
Fur them that want a pint o’ nappy
That’s the scheme tae keep us happy.
An’ man ………….. It fits!

But, hid ye hard, let’s justice dae.
Let’s tak a look at yesterday.
Wha wis the first tae contemplate
This friendly way we celebrate.
For longer than we’d care tae say
This club has aye done things this way.
There’s records here fur ye tae read
Tae gi’e proof …… if proof ye need!
This club his aye bin run wi’ care
Nae backlin, blellum, blunties here.
Jist able men …’ clever men
An’ guid men ….. a’ gentlemen.

Of course, the lad’s wha first set oot
Kenned whit wis wanted, I’ve nae doot
Like-minded lads, wha wondered where,
Some fearty folk’s jist widna dare.
Lads wha hid a sense o’ fun
Wha still could laugh when it wis done!!
This club his aye bin run wi’ care,
Nae backlin, blellum, blunties here.
Jist able men …’ clever men
An’ guid men ….. a’ gentlemen

It really pleases me a lot,
Tae coont among us Eric Scott.
Eric cam’ afore the rest,
The very first, the very best.
He’s bin the backbone o’ the crew
Whit epic journeys he’s bin thro’!
Fur mair than twenty years syne gone,
Auld Eric his jist carried on.
Epitomisin’ a’ that’s fine
He’ll be here till Auld Lang Syne!

Noo clubs, like mortals chainge wi’ age,
An’ differ in each passin’ stage.
But when ye backward cast yer e’e,
Dinna jist perfection see.
Fur when guid men plan a’ yer moves,
It’s obvious the club improves.
An’ in oor years increase in length,
Oor club will go fae strength tae strength.
Jist be content wi’ yer share,
An’ for’ard look … an’ wait…fur mair!

So brithers noo, tak up yer gless,
An’ drink wi’ me the club tae bless.
An’ fur the club, An’ wi’ the club,

An’ tae the club ….. we toast


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