18th Annual Dinner

Bridge of Orchy Hotel
3rd Dec 1983

The month was December
A night to remember
In the Bridge of Orchy Hotel
When dinner was served
To the Moray Club herd
And the drinking went on past the bell.

The venison meal was excellent, service was prompt and a special thank you was given to the 'NEW' hotel staff.

 After the final course, our glasses and coffee cups were filled, and Elizabeth started the speeches with a resume of the club activities in the past year and a toast was made to the Queen (read on and find out who he is)
Our 'Top' table
Mr James Murray was next to take the stand introducing all guests to the club members and toasting the guests. I am not going to say James took a long time in doing this but he had an interval for us to get last orders at the bar.

The guest speaker Jack Crosbie, came next and delighted his captive audience with shocking tales of members, now respectable, in their younger days. They know who they are!

As you can imagine, Mr Crosbie was a difficult act to follow, but the resident club superstar 'Drew Lennon McCartney Carlin' was called to toast the ladies in song; modesty forbids me from saying how wonderful he was.

Drew 'Lennon McCartney' entertaining

There was now a lull in the proceedings due to the fact that none of the female members of the club were willing to volunteer for the task of toasting the laddies. On the programme for the evening a certain Wanda Boyce (want the boys...gettit...?) was mentioned, so as time went on an unexpected hush fell about the room. Ladies sat looking puzzled and men shifted in their seats to try and get a better view of the top table.

Suddenly! The kitchen door burst open and in rushed...Joan Collins? Sophia Loren? No...Ronnie Arnott looking stunning in a grey wig, two oranges, a beautifully cut fashion kilt and a pair of high heeled shoes.
Ron in drag
Luckily Ronnie's speech was the last on the agenda as he would have been very difficult to follow. 

The Dirty Bugger of the Year Award was presented to Cameron Baird for his services to John Watson's shirt.

So ended the 18th Annual Dinner of the Moray Club - roll on the next.

Twas four in the morning,
The sun was just dawning
And none of the heads were too clear
Although we said then
Cor! Never Again!
We'll be back some time, next year.

Drew Carlin

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maggie said...

was that the year when James Murray slightly inebriated and myself adjourned early and were toastily sound asleep in the lodge when the other club members arrived back to serenade us with a rendering of Silent Night, in revenge I think for us keeping them awake the previous night?