Loudoun Hill

19th September 1982

The day started out for John, Jim and myself at George Square, where Jim was his mandatory 30 minutes late. Wearing our seatbelts with the No Smoking sign lit we took off for Loudoun Hill.

We were soon cruising at the speed of many tappets past the Trongate, when the No Smoking sign was extinguished. The duty free trolley appeared and wended it's way to the flight deck where all three cabin crew, Jim (pilot), Alan (co-pilot) and John (navigator) sampled from the trolley.

On passing through East Kilbride air space our navigator pointed out his house roof and in so doing we had to gain emergency landing permission in a foreign housing estate. Our navigator sorted out his satellite navigation equipment and we were soon out of alien air space.

Loudoun Hill soon appeared on the horizon and we landed safely to await the rest of the party.
Isobel appeared 10 minutes later having driven from Strathaven. The four of us set off for the foot of the climbing bit and were soon joined by Eric and Bran. 

Jim soon disappeared into the under growth to preform his ablutions. One wonders why he took his chalk bag with him?
One route was tackled before Drew and Stuart arrived about lunchtime.
Jim Murray in 'Pulpit Crack'
More duty free was issued and consumed in the heat of the day.

More climbing ensued with John making a 'severe' look 'extremely severe'.  Eric appreciated this expense of effort by John by taking at least one picture.
Jim Murray demonstrating a 'Head Jam'
Jim was soon busy soloing climbs to organise belays for us beginners. 
Jim Murray above 'The Flake'
From the top of the climb there was a commanding view of the local hostelry. This we retreated to, after a fair day's climbing. 

On the return journey our navigator jumped ship which enable us to return home safely looking forward to the next club trip.

Alan Waugh (co-pilot)

(Despite the levity of the account, some quite good climbs were done around and on Pulpit and the Flake areas. Some very good climbs were also attempted and remain unfinished! - Ed.)

Those present: Alan Waugh, Jim Murray, John Watson, Isobel McCaw, Drew Carlin, Stuart Duncan, Eric Scott & all Bran.

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